Barbara Austin Perennials
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Barbara Austin Perennials - Dianthus
  Alan Titchmarsh

Double frilly white scented flowers

Flowers in summer

    Baileys Celebration

Raspberry pink flower.  Grey-green foliage

Flowers in early spring / summer


Double red carnation

Flowers in summer

    Coconut Sundae

White flower with a maroon eye

Flowers in summer

  Cranmere Pool

Double cream / white carnation with magenta centre

Flowers in summer


Double rose pink carnation with deep centre

Flowers in summer

  Gran's Favourite

Double red / purple carnation with white background

Flowers in summer

    Haytor Rock

Double flowered, pale pink blooms

Flowers in early summer / autumn

  Iced Gem

Lavender flowers with white picotee edges

Flowers in summer

    Mrs Simkins

Double white carnation

Flowers in summer


Rich velvety red blooms

Flowers in late spring

    Raspberry Sunday

Blush pink with a raspberry red eye

Flowers in summer

  Rose Joy

Double rosy pink carnation

Flowers in summer

    Strawberry and Cream

Double creamy flowers splashed with shades of pink

Flowers in summer

  Sugar Plum

Frilly flowers or maroon, pink and white

Flowers in summer

    Tickled Pink

Deep lavender blooms

Flowers in summer

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