Barbara Austin Perennials
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Barbara Austin Perennials - Echinacea
  Fragrant Angel

Large white flowers with yellow eye

Flowers in

    Kym's Knee High

Unusual clear bright pure pink flowers

Flowers in summer

  Mac 'N' Cheese

Large yellow flowers on large stems

Flowers in


Dropping yellow petals, copper cone

Flowers in summer


Pink flowers, red cones

Flowers in summer / autumn


Large open purple flowers.  Lovely stately plant

Flowers in summer

  Purpurea Magnus

Large soft purple blooms, red centre

Flowers in summer

    Purpurea White Swan

Bold whitish flowers with grey / yellow centres

Flowers in summer

  Ruby Giant

Large ruby red flowers

Flowers in late summer / autumn

    Ruby Glow

Ruby red flowers

Flowers in late summer / autumn


Large citron yellow flowers

Flowers in summer

    Tici Torch

Best orange flowered variety

Flowers in

  Tomato Soup

Bright red flowers

Flowers in

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