Barbara Austin Perennials
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Barbara Austin Perennials - Heuchera
  Amber Waves

Amber-gold foliage.  Light rose coloured flowers

Flowers in early summer


    Beauty Colour

Red / green marbled leaves turning charcoal in winter

Flowers in early summer

  Berry Smoothie

Large rose pink coloured leaves

Flowers in


Sprays of small white flowers with soft brownish wavy leaves

Flowers in summer


Honey apricot leaves with white blooms

Flowers in summer

    Chocolate Ruffles

White bells, chocolate ruffled leaf, maroon underside

Flowers in early summer


Bright green leaves with spikes of small white flowers

Flowers in late summer

    Creme Brulee

Peachy orange leaves

Flowers in early summer

  Frosted Violet

Pink, violet flowers with dark foliage

Flowers in summer

    Ginger Ale

Ginger coloured silver veiled foliage

Flowers in

  Jade Gloss

Silvery green leaves with dark green veining

Flowers in late spring

    Lime Marmalade

Lime coloured foliage.  Strong grower

Flowers in

  Lime Ricky

Lime green crinkled leaves with white flowers

Flowers in spring


Amber to peachy bronze foliage.

Flowers in

  Midnight Rose

Burnished black leaves with pink spots

Flowers in summer / autumn


Light coloured foliage in summer turning deep red in autumn

Flowers in summer


Dark, almost black leaves

Flowers in summer / early autumn

    Palace Purple

Sprays of white bells with purple leaves

Flowers in early summer

  Peach Flambe

Rich peach foliage

Flowers in

    Petite Pearl Fairy

Bronze leaves marbled with silver

Flowers in late spring / summer

  Petite Pink Bouquet

Compact pale to deep pink flowers with silver foliage

Flowers in early summer

    Plum Puddin

Tiny maroon / green bells.  Ruffled deep red leaf

Flowers in early summer


Attractive silver leaves

Flowers in late spring

    Silver Scrolls

Metallic silver purple leaves

Flowers in late spring / summer

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